The Club

Diving Swansea and beyond…

We have our own clubhouse based at Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua Club where we meet every Wednesday evening.

The building itself was converted from the old docks pumphouse in the late 1980’s and comprises of a main bar and galley with dining area; a top floor lounge and balcony with views over the adjacent Marina, and a large basement function room with bar and dance floor.

The diving section own two large RIBs (Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat) with powerful 200hp outboards engines, housed in our own boatshed. These 6m & 6.5m RIBS are capable of carrying 20 divers at speeds of 35knots to off shore dive sites!

We usually dive on a Wednesday evening from early May to late September/October (weather permitting!) and also weekends.

The club has its own slipway for local diving and we can also tow the boats to other dive sites and launch from there. We have our own 20cfm compressor with charging banks, providing free air to members.We also have our own O2 blending facility which we can use to blend nitrox mixes for recreational diving, or provide high percentage oxygen mixes for extended range diving or rebreather divers. (Nitrox and O2 subject to a small fee.)

We also have 20 complete sets of training equipment (Mares and Cressi-sub) which can be used free of charge by trainee divers as they complete their Ocean Diver Course.